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OS X Support

Will there be support for Mac OS X. If so do you have any idea of the time frame?

HI Fred - if you could open a support request for that we'll send you a link and instructions.

Hi Kendall,
Just wondering if I can get the latest copy of vistadb for osx. Also, how to use it (activate it) with visual studio for mac.
Again thanks as always,


The good news is that we do have a build for OS X.  The bad news is that we can't integrate it into our CI process to be built and included in our normal installation due to limitations in Xamarin.  What this means in the short term is that we're able to give you the relevant binary via a Support request and are still trying to work out how we can include it in the installation.

Hi Kendall,

Just wondering what the progress on OS X support is.



Excellent news.  I too am awaiting MacOS support.

We expect to have that as well; if you have a project and want to try that out please open a ticket and we'll get you a copy to try. 

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