When running Loupe Desktop you notice there are no live sessions shown in the Live Sessions view under the User Repository.  The heading for Live Sessions may say that the server is unavailable.  You have previously seen live sessions listed so you are confident this isn't an Agent configuration issue.


Either the Live Server proxy isn't reachable (it is blocked on the network) or the service that hosts it is down.


To resolve this issue, ensure the Loupe Server Service is running and the Live Sessions feature is accessible:

  1. Make sure that the Loupe Server Service is running on your server: If you access the console of the server and run the Loupe Server Administrator it will check that the service is running and warn you if it isn't.
  2. Ensure Live Sessions is enabled: Select the Live Sessions node in the tree view for the server and make sure it is marked Enabled. Note the ports used.
  3. Ensure a firewall isn't blocking the Live Session ports: The Loupe installation automatically configures a Windows firewall rule to allow the Loupe Server Service to use the network however you may have another firewall that is blocking traffic.  By default Live Sessions require TCP ports 29971 and 29972 be open.