When a process is set to automatically send data to the server you may notice a periodic spike of prolonged CPU utilization (up to one core and 30 to 60 seconds long) and that the Packager utility takes a surprisingly long time to run at the end of the application lifecycle.


When there were many log files on the local computer the Agent and Packager had to scan them all to build a list of candidate files to inform the server of to determine what files should be sent to the server.  For each file this included enumerating the directory and parsing the header information from each file.  It was found that the .NET API the Agent used to enumerate directories was surprisingly slow with large numbers of files and there could be multiple passes over the directory in some cases.


This problem was addressed in Loupe 3.5.6 which incorporated several optimizations to reduce the CPU usage of sending data to the server.  We recommend updating to an agent with that version or higher.  If you still see a problem it's likely caused by keeping an excessive number of log files on the local computer.  To address this, enable the Purge Sent Sessions option (which will delete log files from the local computer once they're confirmed by the server) or reduce the amount of disk space allowed to something closer to its default of 150MB.