You notice the web interface to Loupe Server isn't showing recent log events or application events and application metrics on the all applications dashboard aren't updating.  Using Loupe Desktop you can see current session information so you know applications are sending data to the server.  You may also notice that you aren't receiving notification emails about new information.


Each of the affected areas are displaying data that is maintained asynchronously by processing sessions in the background as they arrive at the server.  If this processing can't keep up with the rate of data arriving then the metrics will fall behind or even appear to stop.  Therefore, either the Loupe Server Service isn't running or it isn't able to keep up with the volume of information requiring analysis.


The most likely scenario is that the Loupe Server Service has been stopped for some reason and just needs to be restarted.  

In Loupe Server version 3.0 through 3.5.5 if database connectivity was lost then the analysis part of the service would stop, requiring the service be restarted to resume processing.

If the Loupe Server Service is running and consuming processor and memory then it is unable to keep up with the volume of data arriving.  This is typically either due to insufficient memory on the server which will be readily apparent by looking at the available memory on the server while analysis is running slowly or the SQL Server is unable to keep up, in which case have your database administrator check the SQL Server to determine where it is experiencing a bottleneck.

If you aren't able to rapidly determine the problem, open a support ticket and Gibraltar Software engineers will assist in resolving the issue.