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Event before Loupe writes a log entry to sanitize the information

Hello Gibraltar,
I’m using various 3rd party controls in my application and I can successfully capture their various trace with loupe. However most of these components trace output was meant for a simple text file and I think ‘parsed and cleaned up’ information, would be much more useful in Loupe. The simplest solution that I see, would some event that would pop just before loupe writes an entry to the log.

You probably already have some object resembling this in Loupe:

class LoupeLogEntry
string Category
string Log System
string Caption
string ClassName
string MethodName
TraceLevel Severity

Then when the event would pop, we could easily parse and edit the various properties. For example, in my situation, the low level class DevExpress.Xpo.DB.ConnectionProviderSql logs all DB command execution regardless of the provider. This is very useful information, however they automatically append a date-time stamp and since they simply Trace.WriteLine(text), there is no meaningful category/severity.

Because a LoupeLogEntry contains the ClassName and MethodName, I could strip the redundant time stamp for every entry generated by the ConnectionProviderSql class and do some further parsing/categorizing on specific methods.

I’m not a Loupe server user yet, but eventually some form of LoupeLogEntryFormatter that could be added server-side would enable us to further sanitize entries after the application is in production without recompiling.

All this would give us much flexibility to work around the various 3rd party component tracing shortcomings.

What do you think? Perhaps this is already possible?


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There's no way to do this presently in the agent, but we're actually pretty close to being able to do something like that.  

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