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Windows 10 Universal App (VS2015 Express)

Is it possible to use VistaDB in a Universal app, I can't seem to fing the DLL references.

They announced SQL Lite for UWP here

I would like to be able to use VistaDB as it easily supports encryption.  Let me know if there is an update in this regard.


Oops find

Not at this point; there is no ADO.NET support (among other things) in those types of applications so no way to get to VistaDB.


Funny I should happen to come by here looking to see if you guys had figured this out. :) 

There is a new way in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (coming out this month) to access ADO.Net providers from UWP. 

I have been looking into it and just downloaded VistaDB again so I can test it for myself.  I have a feeling the people who did the testing probably only tested Microsoft providers.  So this is a much better test to me.

Will post back when I have some findings.

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