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Log4Net extension


I followed the manual for setting up a log4net integration.

Logging just works fine, I see the sessions in Loupe Desktop, but the application does not close anymore. CallStack gives me the hint, it's hanging in Gibraltar.Agent.dll!Gibraltar.Messaging.Net.NetworkClient.ReadSocket(out byte[] buffer).

Am I doing something wrong (e.g. missed config property) ?! 

Thanks in advance & Regards,



I found the issue which was caused by myself somehow.

It turns out, that I have to explicit shutdown the LoggerManager "log4net" before exiting the application:


Got this from the Agent.Log4Net sample.

Thanks anyway! Great product!

Glad you like what we're up to!

What's going on is that the Loupe agent will keep an application running unless it's told to shut down.  The LoggerManager call gateways to our call, but for completeness you're best off with a call to Log.EndSession at the appropriate point in your app.  I'd recommend jumping over to our Getting Started page and checking out the quick start guide for your app's technology (WinForms, WPF, Windows Service, etc.) which has some great tips and explanations of what's going on:

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