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Styles for Log(Severity) Level

it would be helpful to be able to change the background or font size/weight for each line in the viewer based on the severity level. this would make it much easier to view blocks of related messages.

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I don't know how much you've worked on this, but I was thinking since you're using the XtraGrid, enabling the relatively new conditional formatting could be an easy to implement and powerful workaround/feature...

XtraGrid Conditional Formatting

 I totally agree when is the feature going to be present? I have been using GamutLogViewer up to now and feel a little deprived.

We're evaluating this item as a feature for Loupe 4.0.  We'll start locking in the roadmap for 4.0 after 3.8 ships.

We're going to do something like this when we port the log grid over from Janus to DevExpress.

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