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Suppress Few Errors

 I want to know how can I suppress few errors from Logging in Gibralter using Asp.Net/c#.

Where are you looking to suppress them?  The Loupe Server UI provides the ability to suppress errors by signature:

Hi Miller,
This is I know how to suppress errors in gibraltar UI.
But my question is different from it, ok Let me explain
1. I have web application developed in Asp.Net which is using Gibraltar to log errors.
2. It is logging all kind of errors in gibraltar.
3. But I don't want to log all the errors coming in my application. I want few errors even not to be logged in gibraltar. E.g. "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".
If you have any live support chat facility please let me know, so that I can discuss on it.

Best to open a support ticket and we can interact there.  Thanks!

I have already open ticket#128751.


Yes, thanks!

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