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VDB 4.2 - delete from [Table] where [Column] in(Value List)

VistaDB 4.2

SQL: "Delete from D_ANIMAL where AN_ID in(8953,8954);"

AN_ID is an INT Identity and the PK of the table.

Deletes several thousand rows instead of just the two specified and then stops when it hits a FK dependency that stops it.  

I can duplicate this in the data builder with ease 100% of the time.

Deleting each row key individually is easy and it works properly.

This is romper-room SQL.  Id this a VistaDB bug that must be addressed?

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VistaDB 4.x had a defect in the IN operator which was largely fixed in 5.0, however the 5.0 optimizer has issues with it in some cases which we have fixed in version 5.0.4 which has now been published.

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