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Corrupt database file

We have a customer who's database file has been corrupted. When viewing a table in the data builder we get the message:

The customer doesn't have a recent backup - do you have any means of retrieving data from this table? When I run the repair option it just gives an empty table.

Any help would be appreciated (it's pretty urgent), including chargeable options.



Sorry, I see the message didn't appear. This was it:

Try again :)

We can occasionally recover extra data that Repair can't by manually walking through the repair process in the debugger and hand-adjusting it.  Open a ticket and provide the database and we'll get back to you on what the options are.

I created a ticket (128035) and browsed to the file, but it said 'Not added' and didn't send the file. Can you tell me how to do this? (It's about 40Mb zipped).



Ah, that's over the size limit on the ticket system (which isn't really under our control).  We'll work with you on the ticket side to arrange alternate transport.

We have an account with Hightail if that helps.

You have inspired us to solve this problem.  We have a corporate account with TransferBigFiles and look at that, it has a facility to send files to us.  We added a solution to the knowledgebase covering how to get us large files so folks can do that easily in the future. 

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