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Coming support for Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 is starting to be available (although not quite a public release yet), so some of you might be wondering when VistaDB's VS Designer tools (and EF) will support VS 2017.

If you just need to code and build a project referencing VistaDB then it should already work in VS 2017 with any existing releases of VistaDB, and external tools like Data Builder can of course be used regardless of what version of Visual Studio you use.  We believe general Entity Framework usage such as EF6 will also work with existing versions--including the "model first" approach with a model that is hand-edited or created from a SQL Server database and swapping in VistaDB as an alternative provider.

Support for the VS Designer tools features within Visual Studio 2017 will likely require an update to our VS Designer plug-in and will not work with existing releases.  The EDMX designer will also presumably be affected and would not be able to import or update schema from a VistaDB database in VS 2017 with existing releases.  We'll put out a new release version with this updated support for VS 2017 when we can.  If you urgently need this support, contact VistaDB Support for a preview build.

Be warned, we're hearing indications that supporting VS 2017 may mean that we finally have to drop support for VS 2010.  This will still leave support for the most recent several versions (2012, 2013, 2015, and--going forward---2017).  Hopefully, you've all long since moved on from VS 2010 to a newer one, but if not...  VS 2010 projects should still be able to build against older and newer versions of the VistaDB engine library; only the integrated VS tooling support would be lost going forward.

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