When configuring the Loupe Agent via the app.config or web.config files you notice that some configuration values appear to not be respected by the Agent.  


There are two common reasons this happens:

  1. Spelling error in configuration line: Each configuration line is parsed individually.  If an attribute is miss-spelled it will cause the entire line to be silently ignored.  
  2. Coded configuration is overriding the file: Configuration information is applied in a specific order with configuration through code being applied after the configuration file.


Carefully review the spelling of each attribute on the configuration line that appears to be ignored.  It's not uncommon for one attribute to be slightly wrong or its value to not be quoted, causing the entire line to be silently dropped.  The reason the Loupe Agent drops the line when it can't be parsed is to prevent the application from failing to load at all.
If you're confident you're seeing some options on the same configuration line be applied but not the option you're looking to change review your application for use of the Log.Initializing event which is used to apply configuration in code.  See